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 I live in New York City. 
My last project is a documentary called “Why not me”, a film about artists in NY, written and produced in collaboration with the French director Julien Bresson. 
But everything starts in Italy. 
As a kid I use to play guitar during the function in my local church, singing as well and getting pretty good in that. I then became a theater actor for about 10 years treading the boards of a much important theater of the country. 
Fast forward, I studied philosophy and traveled the world to study Argentinian Tango and experimenting in different art fields, such as film direction and design. 
Music became more serious when I felt comfortable not just playing guitar and singing, but when I was able to bring on stage an actual show, a performance, mixing my dance skills, a live focused songwriting, and most important clothes and set entirely designed by myself. 
Getting in control of an actual show it is closer to my experience as a video maker, cause I like to offer the audience a visual experience fueled by music. 
The encounter with Thomas Mester in the City was a lucky shot. 
He has all the talent and professionalism that compose the perfect frame for the “Cristiano” music project that we are carrying around in the last 3 years. 
Thomas is a photographer and producer and tech enthusiast with which I create a 360 world of music, live performance, set design and 360 VR videos. The music style is electronic dance
music (EDM).The new album " Everything Is Beautiful Under the Sun " The album was released in 2016, the promotional tour also started the same year. They had a quiet success in New York City in 2016 playing at Live Nation venues including Highline Ballroom and Irving Plaza. Next step will be a USA tour in 2017, aiming to play in Tokyo, Hong Kong, ASIA, London, and Berlin afterward.
The energy and fun of our shows is a dance party fulfilled by a solid fun-base that come to get energized by positive and happy music. 
The VR 360 videos we made so far represent very well the dimension of those events, and the concept itself. 
The last big success was an LED t-shirt designed in collaboration with David Crittenden, Broadway and TV show costume designer. 
The LED t-shirt is recently been featured in the TV show “Bull”. 
Currently working on the new album and the new set design, we will be on stage at the end of September enlightened by the participation of Rob Mitzner, famous and excellent drummer we have the honor to work with. 
It' gonna be ALL AROUND YOU. 

Cristiano –Vocals
Thomas Mester– Guitar/Electronica
Rob Mitzner - Drums

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