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Sports,  Event  & Commercial  Photographer / Video Producer / ​
Camera man/ Musician Composer/Editor/Sound Engineer .

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Thomas Mester

I have been a photographer/videographer in NYC for 9+ years, and I am proud to say all my clients were happy with my work. I do everything I can to capture the special moments during a wedding.
Wedding is one of the best moments in a couple's life, and I always remind myself to be on top of my job, because the couple will go back to view my work for years and years to come.  My clients should be able to re-live the moments by opening their wedding album and I know the pictures have to be perfect and beautiful. Any moment on that day can be important so I make sure the fast, candid shots are technically great and tell you the story behind the picture.

Photos , videos and music produced by Thomas Mester © 2012  ​
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