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Thomas Mester Photography & Videography

Connecting Dots

Dancing light on faces gleam,
Capturing more than what’s seen.
In shadows and light, stories hide,
Revealed only when lens abides.

Thomas Mester


Connecting Dots

Get to Know Me

I document wedding events by mixing photojournalistic with a classic style, to make sure the couple's personality & chemistry shine through during the portrait session. While based in Brooklyn, will happily travel to multiple locations for your photo sessions, and document destination weddings. I treat even the smallest moments as important while making sure that your candid reactions are captured with high technical quality. My portrait shot experience came from when I was working for Emirates magazine with celebrities such as Koby Brian, Alec Baldwin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eric Ripert, and many others.


Your Story is my Story too

In a frame, still and silent,
Lives a moment, vivid, vibrant.
Through the lens, time is caught,
Memories in pictures sought.

Photographs, echoes of time,
Frozen whispers, rhythm, and rhyme.
Each click, a heartbeat paused,
In frames, life’s beauty is housed.

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